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Nightime musings

Lying in bed last night and this morning, I kept thinking of things I wanted to post today. Is this becoming "compulsive" or what?! Yep, I've caught the "blogging fever."

I read on someone's blog a few days ago about her posting 3 times in one day. Gee, only 3 times?! I could probably post more than that. I'm loquacious even though I truly listen to and hear what people say.

The last few days have been a blur with trying to get this blog set up and running and with............well, let me tell a story here.........

Ya know, I love my hubby. I love all
men!! Truly. AND, there's not a "but" here, just an AND, yesterday he fussed around all day with his car battery: couldn't get it started, hooked up my car to try and charge it, didn't work, took it out and cleaned it up a bit, didn't work, tried to find his battery charger (still some things we can't find from our move 2 years ago) and couldn't find it, got it started with my car and me revving it up like I was a race car driver(!), then took it for a drive around the neighborhood to charge it and said it was fine. Now, all this time I'm telling him to just go buy a new battery. He kept telling me it'd be fine. So this morning I told him to try to start his car before he loaded his briefcase, computer, etc. into it. He says, "no, it'll be fine." I said, "humor me!" (By now you know where this is heading, right?!?!) Yep, went out to start it and it wouldn't start! He says, "I'm taking your car; mine won't start." Oh, really?!?! Question: Why didn't he just go to WM and buy a battery yesterday first thing and not have all this aggravation?!?! Is it really so like a man or what? I didn't say a word because I am not the "I told you so" type. And if you believe that you're smoking some wacky stuff!!!!! LOL

That was wednesday and thursday; last night we - NO, HE - went to the store and bought a new battery!! Wasted 2 days. Gotta love that man!! Yep, I sure DO!

Oh, yeah, we're a humorous, witty, funny family!! All of us.

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