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Aprons.....yes, aprons. I wear one when I cook or do my painting. I love aprons. They come in all kinds of sizes, prints, designs, shapes and can be just so pretty. I've made them for my use and sold a couple of them, but my favorite is one I purchased at a yard sale. It is a huge butcher's apron with "Art's Grocery" embroidered in red across the top. It was so long that I had to cut if off some at the bottom. It came to my ankles! Now it just comes to my knees. But it is heavy canvas - a true butcher's apron and it has softened over the years of washing it, but I love it. I paid 25¢ for it!! A real deal. But aprons make me feel like a real chef and it makes me feel pretty. I always like to feel pretty! :-) And Art's apron is clean; that's just paint on the front..........Hah!!

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