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Don't Be Afraid to Paint It!!

Several years ago my husband, who is a realtor now, was showing some property to a couple. They didn't like the blue color of the house. Telling me the story, he said it's kind of sad that people don't look beyond the superficial things of a wonderful house that they probably would have liked if it had been another color. After all, they only had to paint it! But I've seen a lot of people who pass up great deals and darling items because it isn't "this or that." So I'd like to show you something today that I did.

This little butcher block storage cabinet was purchased at Wal Mart of about $85.00 and was a light wood color. It has 2 doors and a drawer on the other side for extra storage, which we needed badly. Now, I love wood but everything in your house being one specific wood, say oak, isn't very attractive. It's dull! Yep, dull! You need to mix your woods. I have maple kitchen cabinets, a pine bedroom set, oak dining table and chairs and some enameled wood tables also. I also have painted wood tables. Don't go into a furniture store and purchase a suite of living room or family room or dining room items. Make it look like you have collected over the years from your travels or different places you've lived in. It is much "richer" looking that way. Mix it up. Look in some of the gorgeous wealthier homes and they have antiques, new things, etc. It's in the "Mix" of things that it becomes interesting. So I primed this little cabinet/cart and then painted it white and added decals. It turned out adorable. This is my style. You have to adept it to your style - whatever that may be. It could look vintage antique, french, swedish, modern, shabby chic, primitive country, just by a coat of paint and some decorative accents. Give it some thought!

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