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Laundrys Can Be Attractive!!

I have been looking for one of these for a very long time and finally found one! I want to make my laundry room as attractive as the rest of the house. I'm a believer that every room should be lovely. (Of course, our garage is a different story. It may never be frou frou-y but that's okay. Garages are utilitarian.) But the laundry room is getting a lovely roses border, has a memo board over a panel where all the cable wires are for the house. It just fit nicely there and I couldn't stand having a white panel with "Honeywell Command Center" printed on it showing any longer! Ugh. So this little treasure will fit there quite nicely. I got it from vintageroses on ebay if anyone wants to give her a look. Everything in your home should reflect your decorating style - even your box of Tide! More and more we are turning inward to our homes as true havens on earth. Our safe place. Our place to be alone or with family. Our place for protection from the storms gathering in this world. Our place to be separated from the harshness and coarseness from the outside influences. Our place to allow only those people that we want there to come in. It's our little bit of heaven right here on earth and should reflect that in all we do in our homes. Enjoy being there!!

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