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Looking at "Fluff"

This little note holder that I made about 3 years ago is on the wall behind my desk. It holds beautiful roses note papers for when I want to send a lovely note along with something I sell, but it also a visual reminder to me of beauty. When I start feeling frazzled from being at this computer (for hours sometimes!) or in the sewing/craft room, I look at all the "fluff" – this is what I call all my knick-knacks, bibelots and furbelows in my home – and just smile. So I truly do advise people that when you are feeling overwhelmed or simply "whelmed" get out of your chair and walk around. Look at the beauty of the new green grass growing, the flowers breaking through the soil, the buds on the trees and just stretch and smile. Be sure to surround yourself with the beautiful things you want. No, no, it doesn't have to be expensive. Today I'm taking a stemware goblet and just filling it with artificial grass and a paper rose. You'll see it tomorrow. **Smiles & giggles** Remember: Beauty can be achieved in the tiniest, simplest ways and it can enrich our day and work place.

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