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Make Workspace Gorgeous

I'm a work-at-home-wife. LOL Aren't we all?!?! Anyway, I keep my office girly girl chic. I have so many ..... well, check below for all the things I've said so far. This is a picture of a little antique sewing drawer I bought on ebay for all of my CDs that I work with to create templates, logos, business cards (like you'll never ever find anywhere else) and gorgeous address labels that I'll be selling on here within a week or so. This is my own little world in my own home. It is a refuge for working. If I'm reading, I'm in a big cushy leather chair in my family room. Hmmm, I'll post pix of my home very soon. Anyway, all the essential are right here in this room for bill paying, writing, designing my "stuff" and all the things I do on the computer. So I try to make it welcoming and attractive for me. It's where I spend a great deal of my day. Stimulating the senses through the details of daily acts makes work fun. I set up my projects so that they'll be pleasurable for me to do and complete. I love rituals that are satisfying to my soul. Flowers, music and a glass of juice are almost essential for me. It gives the task panache!

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