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I've been very busy with my laundry room but it is finally finished. Haven't I said that before?!?! I made a darling little clothespin holder and couldn't find a hanger to put in it that would fit. I eventually went to the infant's department at Wal Mart and they gave me a little plastic hanger. That fit, but I shall be more careful with the next ones that I make. Above is a photo of it.
I received a magazine the other day that I don't subscribe to, but it had my name on it. I've never cared for this magazine because it is 90% ads. But I wondered why it was sent to me. I immediately emailed them and told them I had not subscribed and asked if it was perhaps a gift subscription. I am always receiving things from people who like me - hmmmmm, can't figure that one out, but it's true! (Received something 3 days ago and hubby said, "You have those people wrapped around your little finger." I said, "No, it's just that they love me!" ) Anyway, in the magazine was an article "Hidden in plain sight"! Well, I tell you, I almost fell over. Just what I've been telling you on this page. Only this instance was a bathroom. Yes, they hid a bathroom in plain sight. Very well done also because most people thought it was a hallway entrance. See how creative you can be.
Now, I want to discuss what a lot of people do. Most of them spend all 95% of their money on 5% of their lives. Ridiculous. Live life fully and spend all of it on the 95% of your life. Make the things you do everyday beautiful. I could have settled for the laundry room just the way it was - boring. But that is NOT the way I do things. If I have to spend any of my time someplace it had better be beautiful - laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, whatever room. I love seeing the beautiful things in every part of my house. It certainly didn't take a lot of money to do that laundry room. A few scraps of fabric, a wallborder which cost a total of $40, old rugs, vintage bookcase for $20 and a few incidentals I had laying around the house. You go on a "once in a lifetime vacation", come home, have photos, may have spent thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it except those photos. I'd rather put it into my home where I'll spend the rest of my life and view lovely things than that. But, hey, that's just me. Get inspired and do something beautiful!!

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