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Storage Can Be Beautiful!

I've sung the praises of beautiful storage for years and years. Today is just another example of what you can do.

Since we downsized 2 years ago to about 1/3 the size of our other house, finding places to store has just about gotten the best of me! One of my "mottos" has always been: Hide in plain sight. So I'm always looking for ways to be creative while living beautifully. I don't have the area I used to have for my hobbies so I have been trying to "make do" with the kitchen countertops area. While my sweet hubby never ever complains, I still wanted to get it out of the kitchen - especially the cans of sealer, small cans of paint, spackle, Mod Podge, etc. So I pulled some roses out of a wicket basket and "replanted" them in my collection of pitchers. Then I put the cans in the basket and tied one of my ribbons from my enormous collection I have. VoilĂ ! Now, it is in sight but in a much prettier "setting." And I can pick it up and tote it around to wherever I want it. I even have thrown a scarf over it and it sits beautifully in sight on the floor by the coffee table.

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