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Nice Matters!!

I have a sweet, sweet dear friend named Stephanie, aka Lucy(!), that I just love. She has given me the "Nice Matters Award"!! Now, if anyone deserves it, it is her and her Mum. They are true southern belles and just kind, sweet, nice, genteel and beautiful. Thank you, Lucy!

Now for my latest "finished" rose. This one I base coated with white and then yellow. It is not a light yellow but was rather exuberant. I love pink and yellow together! Yellow is just the sunniest color. :-) Pink, however, is my most favorite color of all time. I'll never tire of it!! Then pink over part of the yellow. The tips are then gone over lightly with undiluted paint so they are deeper pink. This is the best one yet and I love it. I'm becoming more familiar with how watercolors work and the blending. These roses are a bit labor intensive and there are several steps to doing them. With that in mind, I'm not sure I'll be offering them for sale but I plan on giving some as gifts.

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