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This is Miss Tash, my new scrapping buddy! Isn't she a doll? And look at her t-shirt- it even has roses on it. My kinda gal, for sure. She is in my ward at church. She has 10 brothers and sisters. Her mom says she likes to come over not only to make tags, ornaments and birdhouses, but because she isn't disturbed by her other brothers and sisters. What a sweetie! Yep, she is as sweet as that face. :-) But yesterday she made a tag for her sister who is having a baby in a couple of months and it's a boy. She is very considerate of her siblings. But we have a good time together and her mom trusts us to keep her! An oddity that a 9 year old would want to spend time with an almost 70 year old lady. Hah!! It's just my sparkling and brilliant personality. ;-) Today after school we'll finish her birdhouse that is going to be a surprise for her mom. Boy, is she gonna be surprised!! Woooohoooo!!

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