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Cupcake Roses from a Coat Hook!

Tomorrow night we're having a special night at our church for some young pre-teens. I've decided to do something different. Okay, okay, call me Rebel is you want! Hah. But I was thinking of some pretty roses on some cupcakes. Now, I cannot for the life of me do them with the cake decorator tubes so I have to improvise. Below will tell you what I did. Read on, chickadees and bunnies!!

I have a little coat hook that I've had for probably 15 years. As I've said before, there is rarely anything and I mean anything in my home that isn't beautiful, and if not beautiful, then useful. Jack excepted here!! Um hmmmm........okay. So anyway I thought well, why can't I make a mold out of that little rose coat hook? I did.......

I took some Sculpy and just pressed it into the rose and baked it in the oven. Then put it in the freezer to harden quickly because I was in a hurry to get them done to put on the cupcakes.

Here is the finished product. VoilĂ !! So easy. Now, of course, I used some fondant I bought at the store today but it was like Sculpy only softer and sticky like sugar. I used red food color because they don't have pink. But I kept adding water to get a pinky color and it turned out quite well actually. So here you see the different colors: white, red, pinky. Just fun and soooooo easy to do.

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