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Daydreaming Day

One of those days. Just can't seem to get motivated after spending the last several days in bed with hubby. Both sick. Today I think we both feel almost human again. I know I do.

My fabric sits there awaiting to be made into a pillow. I found some beautiful pale lavender chenille also. Isn't it neat?!

I've tried getting motivated; I truly have. Sunday I even painted a little picture. I'm here in this office/computer/craft room looking at my little space across from my desk and reeeeeeallly trying to get motivated into doing something. I even had hubby take me to Michael's today and spent some money! Now if that doesn't motivate me what else will?! The packages still sit in the living room unopened.

My little craft space - one of about 3 around this house. I've even got some cones painted or wrapped with wallpaper or wrapped with fabric but haven't finished any of it yet.

I paint on my kitchen table because the light is so good in there with the patio door and facing south. But it's still as it was sunday night. Sigh.............

I even have that glorious crystal chandelier for inspiration with Rhea's little teapots hanging adorably there for inspiration.

Okay, better go open the packages I got today. Ooooooh, will spring ever get here? I'm so looking forward to some green grass out here in the desert.

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