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My "Room" Dilemma

I've got to make space somewhere! Here is the dilemma. As you can see a couple of posts back I have my office filled with craft stuff and hardly any room left. I use it for a home office and shooting photos and ebaying.

Then I also have a sewing room and haven't done much sewing lately, but do sew occasionally. And I also use the kitchen table to paint on because of the limited room in the sewing room and office/craft room.

This is standing at the doorway looking in.

This is standing in opposite corner and looking at door. I was rearranging the fabric at the time these photos were taken. It's now nice and neatly stacked.

Since those are metal shelves I could possibly stack more fabric on there if I needed to. Anyone wanna buy some beautiful fabrics?!?!?!

This is just inside the door on the right. It hold mostly fabrics I don't use much. The rest of the "stash" is in the garage attic. And yes, there is a LOT of it out there and in here! I'm thinking of taking the fabric off the 2 gray shelves on the left and using that for the crafting items and painting supplies. I could collapse the table when not using it and bring in the little foldable table from the office/craft room in here and freeing up the space in there. It's becoming quite a jungle in there to get around.

The room is on the south part of the house and would give more light for painting and free up the dining room table. (I just hate it when you go into old people's houses and their dining table is stacked up with a lazy susan full of medicine bottles. Ooooops, hang on a sec.........we're old too! But no way will I ever do that to my table. Only pretty frou frou-y things on my dining table.

Soooo, whatta ya think, chicks?! Does this seem doable to ya? Any obvious problems I'm not seeing.

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