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Catching Up on Awards, My Sweet Chicks!!

I received this award while away on vacation and just had the time to respond. I'm so apologetic, Alison!! Now I nominate 7 blogging chicks to receive this award. I think I'm gonna have to go find some new blogs! :-) Now that just breaks my heart!!! Okay, I nominate the following:

This lady: peta-prettyinpink
Elizabeth of the shabby romantic
Tracie of my petite maison
Constance of rochambeau
Jill of at home in the country
Dana of the stone rabbit
This sweet chick: bella enchanted

Now, I have never seen these blogs before so I plan on visiting with them. I need to "stretch", my little chicks, so I'm streeeeeeeeetching!!!

My next award is from Deb of debs country kisses and is a very sweet and spiritual Alabama little chickadee!! She is lavish in her praise of me! Trust me on that one! Yikes, I have a reputation to live up to now, don't I?!?! I nominate these chicks:

Fairie Window

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