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More Daughter's House

More pix of daughter's house, more roses and back deck.

This is a dresser she painted and put in her living room with her "partial" collection of teacups.

This is to the left of the above dresser in living room.

This is the dining area. I gave her this old round table and 4 chairs. She kept it as it was originally then about 2 or 3 years ago painted it a very pale pink.

A very pretty rose in a pot on her back deck/porch.

I thought you'd like to see the fountain on. I love the "tinkle" of water!

Another rose in a box in back near fence.

Can you see how I want some of the stuff back there?!?!?! I may have to shoot her first though! She has 2 wicker settees back there. Couldn't I have one?!?!

Another look at the dining area and old table and chairs and her collection of Old Country Roses dishes. She has 24 place settings!

A look at the other side of her living room. She got that sofa from Layla Grace and is an original Shabby Chic from Rachel Ashwell. Very pretty.
Okay, that's most of the tour. When I get back there this weekend I'll see if there is something else you might enjoy seeing. Maybe the bunny bedroom???? Hmmmmmm?????? Now you might want to visit her website: Manicformosaics.

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