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The William Upholstered Leather Storage Bed is a unique bed built around a minimalistic design. There is also a halo of strong visual impact. Many upholstered beds fail to impress the admirers because of their lack of aesthetic appeal or because of overly done minimalistic design. But the William Upholstered Leather Storage Bed is a well-defined and well-designed bed, with elements of minimalism carefully incorporated into it. It is an exemplary example of a modern storage bed. The elegant Italian design concentrates on modern styles and strong visual impact.
The William Upholstered Leather Storage Bed is bedecked with upholstery made of soft leather. Soft leathers can instill a touch of coziness which other materials fail to deliver. Cattelan Italia has discretely and aesthetically arranged all elements around a strong bed frame. The wide, square area of the bed makes quite a visual impact, and the overall appeal is quite tangible.

What is it about this web site that has caught in a fatal attraction? What are the qualities that refuse you let you go? Well, read on and find out!Wood has an enigmatic quality about it. For those who love nature and cannot have enough of it, we bring the wood right into their bedrooms! One look at the stunning Tai Tall Colt Leather headboard decorating this Tai Leather Bed, and you will know what love at first sight all about! Of course, there are other features to fall in love with. Where shall we start from? Shall we start with unbelievable pricing that will leave you dumbfounded or shall we speak about the tranquil colors that provide instant rest to mind and soul? Sit on this designer bed and take as long as you want to think; because there is a slats to support the mattresses for each of these contemporary wooden beds!

This is a new age bed that gives good old fashioned comfort and makes you relax the moment you set eyes on it. It's the Dylan Designer Contemporary Bed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia. Beautiful and well crafted, its unique curve and elevated design gives you a bed that appears cantilever in design, giving your bedroom a contemporary look that's outstanding. The bed is in fact supported by 4 legs like any other normal bed but the beauty of this design is the positioning of these legs which makes it seem like a "Floating Bed" ( Click on the additional pictures below to main picture to view the legs) The design of the Dylan Contemporary Bed pays the greatest attention to padding, upholstery and the kind of leather used, making it a state-of-the art product. The structure is wood with the upholstery in soft leather for a look that new age and soothing. The use of only the finest and best materials and colors ensure that the bed feels as good as it looks. There are is a choice of two sizes: Queen, European King and Double. The best part is that you get a choice of five colors to suit the look of your bedroom. You can select colors from white, ivory, dark brown, cream, and black. If you've been thinking of a dream bedroom that looks a haven of harmony and serenity, then the Dylan Designer Contemporary Bed is the perfect way to achieve that feeling. It ensures that your bedroom's style factor is taken care of and doesn't compromise on quality. It's a blend of the best in luxury and design.

Experience the difference in comfort. Experience the warmth and beauty of Crono Leather Bed. AdorElegance, beauty, and comfort are written all over the Crono Leather Bed. Prepare to spend the stillness of the night in the comfort and luxury of Crono Leather Bed. The Crono Leather Bed is here to redefine your very notion of comfort and luxury. The Crono Leather Bed is built around an Italian design that focuses on elegance, beauty, and comfort.
The Crono Leather Bed is an elegant bed with a wide area of private space for absolute comfort and luxurious relaxation. The frame of the bed is made of attractive leather, and the leather adds to the charm and beauty of the bed. The queen and the king beds have slats for mattresses. The bed is available in queen, eastern king, and California king sizes.

The Logan Leather Bed is a unique product that combines the best of contemporary styles with comfort and luxury. Cattelan Italia is once again trying to reinvent the bed in its own way. The Logan Leather Bed is a product of such an effort. As always, Cattelan Italia is always striving for excellence in personal comfort and luxury. This is quite evident in the Logan Leather Bed. The Logan Leather bed is built around a simple but elegant Italian design which focuses on personal comfort and luxury.On a broader perspective, the Logan Leather Bed is a wonderful, spacious comfort zone. The upholstery is done splendidly, and the bed is covered in beautiful leather. The element of leather in the case of Logan Leather Bed enhances its beauty and power quite dramatically. The headboard is adjustable. The bed is available in queen and king sizes.

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