Greenhurst Nursery #4 & Pink Saturday

I made this little pin cushion the other day and decided to sell it. It's adorable and you can see it on my selling blog, La Maison Rose. Very nice price on it also, chicks. But in the mean time read the next installment of the nursery. ;-)


Also in the section with the western cowboy theme is a beach cottage theme across the room . They were working in there that day setting up Christmas displays and asked me to please not go beyond that. I follow directions implicitly since they were kind enough to allow me to take pictures. So I had to get some "long distance" pictures and then only a few.

This little display was in the western section. Notice it has some little indian and old west figures. Charming kind of prim figures. But they were cute and I thought you'd enjoy seeing them.

Here is an old outhouse. I don't know if it's a vintage one or replica and I didn't particularly want to find out! But it's still adorable. I especially like the "reflect" sign hanging on the back of the house. But that bark basket on the left was really stunning if you're into native american themes. Pass the root beer and give me a decorating magazine and I'd probably never leave this little place.

This little "hut" could be a storage shed in my back yard! I love it. One of the workers in the nursery is in the background.

This large Christmas tree was behind the outhouse and is PRETTY BIG. It's decorated with huge signs in the tree, tackle box, canoe, a bucket, gold pine cones and regular pine cones, little houses, a fishing net plus all the regular little glittery bulbs you'd expect to see on a Christmas tree. Just so adorable.

Just one of dozens of chandeliers they have in there in all decorating styles. I thought this was was exceptionally pretty.

One of their decorators caught off guard. ;-) She was very gracious. Here you can see the beach cottage style a bit, but as I said I couldn't go back in there. Lovely blues were peeking out in places though. I think I caught a couple of photos "long distance" however.

A little beach cabana! I would simply love to have this little jewel. It says it will seat 3 but let me tell ya, chicks, there would NOT be 3 of us in there - just me and Love Bunny!!! Truly, I'm going to have to go back there and check out the price on that little cabana. I really love it! Did you notice the little "windows" for privacy?!?!? All sort of nautical items await someone to just drop in and sit down. Nope, wait a second........yep, I can make out the price in my original photo and I don't think hubs will spring for it. *Sigh*..................

Yep, I caught a few items in the beach cottage display through the spaces in there. This lamp reminds me of something my mother would have purchased in the 50s. It's very modern in its design but I can see it in a contemporary house.

This picture right here is for Rhea! I thought of my sweet friend the moment I saw these ceramic dishes in this color. I think she'd be drawn to it. Looks like something the archaeologists would have unearthed in Pompeii. If I had a place for that pot I'd buy it but I'd have to buy hubs another train probably in exchange for it. Ain't happening, chicks! He's gotten 2 new ones in the last 6 months.

I simply adore finials - small, large or LARGER! They just speak to my heart but then a lot of things speak to this heart. They already have the oxidized finish which is one of my favorite finishes. I just love the patina of it.

That's it for this time around. We've just scratched the surface in these posts. I still have 180 photos to show to you. More style coming up with surprises also. Just hang in there and relax and dream about living in this place!

Greenhurst Nursery #3

I wanted to get this area of the room from another perspective for you. Look at all those lovely flowers that will NEVER EVER die on you. Darling wicker table and chair set - the kind that looks substantial, sturdy and vintage. Frogs and statuary covered with moss. Religious statuary for gardens also.

Same room from another vantage point. Look at the unique ornaments, the statuary, faux plantings and the little table top greenhouse on the shelf.

I was determined to get some close ups of the flowers for you. These are so real looking. They look a bit like roses but I don't think they are but I'm not sure what to call them. I'm not an expert on flowers; I just LOVE them!

Okay, all you shabby chic romantic chicks, get out your can of white spray paint and grab those pine cones out of the trees and start spritzing! Wouldn't those be lovely in a bowl with some paper roses strewn about?! I'm going to be looking at doing this. I love the juxtaposition of the "rugged" with the "delicate".

We now go across the aisle to the "cowboy" room. It's darling!!!!!! Look at this tree! It's not green but mostly pine needles that look dead. Chili peppers. Covered wagon ornaments. Cowboy boots. Old trunk you'd see on a covered wagon. Signs that say "staff trailer, bonanza, round up, wild west." Ostrich feather sprouting out of the top. I've never seen anything like it. Just truly CUTE!!

I'd love having this chair anywhere in my house. I'd hang that sign for Love Bunny also!!

Would you just look at these light switch plates?!?! They are adorable. Some are verdigris and some are moss covered - all faux, of course.

Okay, chicks, take a lesson from this sign and not go into debt. One of my favorite mottos. ;-)

And drawer pulls in a western motif. Fish, garden tools, birdhouse, watering can, wood bark looking one, leaves, pine cone, swirls and twigs, insect and even a ROSE!! I may go back for this one. LOL

And lastly, here are the two chairs I painted and added my roses to the backs. I'm happy with them. They were for the patio out back but I think I'll keep them in here for the winter - one to use for my painting desk chair and the other one to use in my craft/sewing room chair.

Sewing While Hubs Is Gone

I got so many requests to make that little camera bag for a couple of chicks that I decided to make another one to sell. Weeelllll, I liked it too much so I'm keeping it! I made it a tad larger and I can get my wallet in there while shopping, hang it around my neck for security and still look shabby chic and girly! LOL

Greenhurst Nursery #2

Stepping out of the conservatory back into another "room" we see all this wonderful stuff that looks so real you almost cut up the celery for your dressing on thanksgiving day! Even the leaves have the coloration of the real celery. Only feeling it gives it away.

Just one of many trees in this store. There's a cowboy tree I can't wait for you to see, but that's a bit later in the posts, my chickadees!! Just you wait. Hah..... I'm such a tease, but I don't want you to rush through it. I want you to savor the lusciousness of it and linger peacefully. I can't describe how beautiful this tree is in person though. They had a red rubber hose wrapped around it and garden implements, tulips, amaryllis, rusty ornaments and feathery plants stuck on the top as decorations on this tree! Just stunning!!!!

And pottery???? Oooooh my, just some of the most beautiful pots and statuary ever.

Remember these real looking plants are faux and so real looking you only know by touch! There are so many hanging racks of the most beautiful and unique ornaments that I couldn't count them all..... dozens though. Remember, this isn't a Christmas store; this is a NURSERY! I could spend a whole day in here easily.

Another beautiful arrangement. Look at the enlargement to see all the "fluff" around it: little birds, candles looking like leaves, faux bird eggs, moss covered statuary, that carrot pitcher in the background on a shelf, the CHICKENS!!!!!! Squeeeeeeal.... You all know how I love chickens!

Clocks were everywhere in this place. French looking ones, shabby ones, cowboy ones, just absolutely stunning. If I bought another clock though Love Bunny would shoot me for sure. I may have to overrule him though. I love clocks and have some rooms with 2 or 3 in them. Yep, true. Notice the vintage toy trucks, outdoor sink, CHICKENS(!) and faux fruit and plants.

Notice the vintage looking trogs up in the corner, the weathered looking clock, a faux sack of grain with plants coming out of it. This would look beautiful in a garden in our front yard. ;-) (Make note to self: sweet talk hubby when he gets home from his train club today, should be in very good mood!) ;-)

Same shelf, just different view. Lower down the shelving.

Just faux balls of greenery. Don't know what it is supposed to be but I do know it's beautiful. Notice they have different flooring throughout the nursery store. Rock, gravel, wood slatting that the dirt can be swept down through. My kinda floor, sweets!

That white "sun" plate on the wall would look wonderful on my living room walls when they get painted pink. I may have to get that one to hang high on the cathedral ceiling.

Remember, nothing real at all in this room. All faux but so real you won't know it until you touch. I did a LOT of touching this day! *Smile*.................

Modern Kitchens

The red and yellow walls make this contemporary kitchen a warm and welcoming room. A window on one side and an arched entryway on the other make this galley kitchen feel wider than it is.

Open shelving for cookbooks, keepsakes and kitchenware helps this kitchen transition smoothly into the living and dining room. Light wood cabinets and white ceilings keep the dark walls from overshadowing the space.

Glossy black cabinets with glass fronts, glass-block half walls and black countertops with plenty of sparkle add up to contemporary glamour, accented by displayed crystal bowls.

Cherry wood cabinets from Leicht Küchen paired with butcher block and Venetian gold granite countertops establish a warm contemporary look in gold and beige hues. The unique focal point: a cooktop backplash made of gold and silver leaf and painted, curved art glass on a stainless steel back.

A large skylight, natural-wood cabinets, white countertops and a combination of paneled and white appliances keep this kitchen light and airy. Staggering the height of the cabinets adds interest.

Stainless steel works as a neutral, especially in this contemporary kitchen with stainless steel cabinets, hardware and appliances. Blue bahia granite countertops pick up the blue interior of the glass-door wall cabinets. Brazilian cherry wood floors warm up the metal’s cool edge.

Contemporary Kitchens Designs

In this loft-style home, a kitchen peninsula helps define the cooking and eating areas without blocking the magnificent view seen through floor-to-ceiling windows. Red and blue accent tiles add color to wood cabinets and black and stainless steel appliances.

A galley kitchen with no windows lightens up with silver pine cabinetry and stainless steel countertops. Sandblasted Plexiglas doors on the uppers look like windows but conceal the cabinets’ contents.

Stacking small square cabinets with in-cabinet lighting takes advantage of a tall ceiling and offers display space that doesn’t clutter counters. A green glass mosaic tile adds color to dark cabinets and countertops.

A glass tile backsplash in multiple shades of blue adds color and sparkle to mid-tone wood cabinets with minimal molding. Long, thin curved stainless steel pulls also say “contemporary.”

The copper ventilation hood makes a striking focal point in this open kitchen. A 48-inch Viking rangetop with griddle sits near the refrigerator for easy access. The small butcher-block island is on rollers and matches a larger island with seating.

Contemporary framed flat panel cabinet doors feature traditional elements such as inset corner details and handmade hardware. A combination of light and dark natural wood colors in the flooring and cabinetry creates an unfitted look.

Modern Contemporary Kitchens

A curvilinear lighting track illuminates the workspace, highlights the raised ceiling and acts as artwork in its own right. A wood table with metal-backed chairs matches the overall kitchen décor.

For a European contemporary kitchen, go with high-gloss lacquer cabinets in a bright primary color, like this brilliant blue. White stone or quartz countertops with straight edges and a high-arc, pro-style, pulldown faucet complete the minimalist style.

Black wall cabinets paired with white base cabinets give this modern kitchen a classic feel. To save space, the piece against the back wall doubles as a desk and wine rack, while a window seat doubles as a dining bench.

Stacking cabinets or cabinet doors of the same size and shape adds interest to plain boxes. Frosted glass doors illuminated softly from behind add ambience to the kitchen. Undercabinet and hood-mounted lighting provide the chef with light while chopping and sautéing.

A horizontal grouping of picture windows lets the outdoors into this nature-inspired, soft contemporary kitchen. An alcove ceiling with recessed and ambient lighting adds depth and dimension to a linear room.

The cooking zone of this kitchen stands out with a lime green accent wall, a Miele rectilinear ventilation hood with halogen lighting, stainless steel countertops, and stainless steel cabinet doors beneath the gas cooktop.

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