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Fan Pleating Curtains

I received a couple of emails about how to do the curtains so here it is in the photos below. I simply removed them from the package, hand pleated them and tied a ribbon tightly around the pleated part. Then I hung the ribbon on a picture hanger. A nail would do just fine also as I've done it that way in several homes. It is easy and takes only a couple of minutes to do. BTW, these were shower curtains so only 72" long but it won't show since there are things in front of them. A really cheap way to do something quickly and cheaply. These were NOT cheap but I wanted this fabric so I paid a bit dearly for it. You could do this anywhere you don't have room for a rod or have a space such as I have - difficult to decide how to "frame" the window without obscuring the view. Clicking on the photos will give you a much larger view of them also.

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