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Modern Bedroom Dresser

The clean sculptural lines make the furniture an excellent choice for a contemporary design environment. It's unique design is perfect for any modern home. Fill your bedroom with style and luxury so that you can relax and lounge away.

The top two drawers in the dresser are suitable for storage of smaller items like shirts and lingerie and the bottom four drawers for full-size items like jeans, jumpers and linens. Its Italian make, modern design, double metal finish handles and dark brown leather upholstery with a glass top make it a consummate and distinct piece for your bedroom.

Of late, designers are concentrating on plain dressers. Plain dressers emanate beauty and simplicity. The Dandy 8-Drawer Double Dresser belongs to this bandwagon. Not all dressers are attractive when they are plain. But this one breaks the unwritten caveat. The Dandy 8-Drawer Double Dresser is plain but elegant.

Enjoy the unabashedly exclusive and yet simple looks of this dresser with bedroom mirror every time you dress yourself up. Done in a rich Wenge finish, Meti features three abundantly spaced drawers for storing clothes and accessories.

Designers wooden dressers are becoming more fashionable and more attractive day by day. There is a lot of stress on maintaining the brand identity without compromising the traditional qualities that dressers have come to incorporate. The Monaco 6-Drawer Wooden Dresser has maintained its unique identity in the strictest possible sense without ever compromising utility, beauty, and easy accessibility.

The clean and simple lines of this bedroom dresser give it a sumptuous look making it wonderfully artistic. This eye-catching piece has three amply spaced, wide and three small drawers for storing your personal belongings. The classy Wenge finish provides this centerpiece an enhanced and polished look.

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