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Modern Contemporary Kitchens

A curvilinear lighting track illuminates the workspace, highlights the raised ceiling and acts as artwork in its own right. A wood table with metal-backed chairs matches the overall kitchen décor.

For a European contemporary kitchen, go with high-gloss lacquer cabinets in a bright primary color, like this brilliant blue. White stone or quartz countertops with straight edges and a high-arc, pro-style, pulldown faucet complete the minimalist style.

Black wall cabinets paired with white base cabinets give this modern kitchen a classic feel. To save space, the piece against the back wall doubles as a desk and wine rack, while a window seat doubles as a dining bench.

Stacking cabinets or cabinet doors of the same size and shape adds interest to plain boxes. Frosted glass doors illuminated softly from behind add ambience to the kitchen. Undercabinet and hood-mounted lighting provide the chef with light while chopping and sautéing.

A horizontal grouping of picture windows lets the outdoors into this nature-inspired, soft contemporary kitchen. An alcove ceiling with recessed and ambient lighting adds depth and dimension to a linear room.

The cooking zone of this kitchen stands out with a lime green accent wall, a Miele rectilinear ventilation hood with halogen lighting, stainless steel countertops, and stainless steel cabinet doors beneath the gas cooktop.

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