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It's so hip to be multifunctional today. Why just be a dresser when you can also do regal service as a desk as well' Our Medina Dresser is all that and more. From its stylish brushed metal pulls to its carefully matched legs, this is one smooth piece of furniture

Call it what you will, a highboy, a chiffonier or a chest of drawers, and the only real word for our black and white dresser ' spectacular. With its full-length, four-drawer arrangement, you have plenty of room for all your most precious privates, accessories and accoutrements.

This low, modern solid form dresser is designed to coordinate with our platform beds. Is used as storage at the front of the platforms, as a low dresser anywhere in the bedroom or even as a low TV stand!. Its low height fits under most of the windows and it features three large easy-gliding drawers with chrome finished pullout handles.

This large dresser is designed to complement many of our platform beds; it is given the same low minimalist approach; defined by its low solid form. The wide and large eight, easy gliding drawers provide good storage space in rooms with limited wall space or walk- in closets.

Defined by nine spacious storage spaces, clean-minimal straight lines and top of the line oak homogeneous veneer; it effortlessly stores a great deal of bedroom accessories that otherwise would create a headache in your bedroom interiors. Each storage space can be configured to both large and smaller spaces, according to your needs, with a veneer divider for each individual storage space

In the old days, tv stands dressers were left to their own devices in the dining room or living room; storing china and silver. What a pity! TV stand dressers have so much more to offer a trendsetter, such as wide, deep drawers that are bold in their capacity and welcoming in their space. Our tv stand dresser celebrates the differences, offering you a breathtaking place to hold your clothing and hold your TV at the same time

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