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A stone tile backsplash in earth tones softens the contrast of the black and white cabinets. Two sinks and a combination of wood and stone countertop materials make this an ideal two-cook kitchen.

Good design often features aesthetically pleasing through lines from the front to the back of the home. Cabinetry can be used throughout the home, not just in the kitchen, for attractive shelving and storage.

The glossy finish on the cabinetry mirrors the shine of the semicircular glass countertop. A metal frame attaches the bartop to the island. A green checkerboard pattern on the walls adds a pop of color.

Tall, thin cabinets that look like pillars add storage and design to this contemporary kitchen. The edge of the black island countertop mirrors the curve of the sheets of glass in the light fixture suspended above it.

Sleek black appliances, a black granite island countertop, and cherry-stained slab cabinets from Neff create a more formal contemporary look. These homeowners chose to switch up the design norm by placing the cooktop under the divided-light windows and the stainless steel sink on the island.

Neff slab-door cabinets in natural wood help keep this open kitchen, with its white stone tile floors and white pillars, light and airy. A vaulated ceiling with long pendant lights and a decorative soffit with recessed lights make the space functional as well as dramatic.

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