Random Thoughts on Pink Saturday 1/31/09

I want to remind you all to visit Beverly's site How Sweet the Sound and visit all the women who participate in Pink Saturday. You'll love all the PINK!

A shabby and chic little crown. Not just any crown, my sweet cherubs, but a PRINCESS CHICK CROWN. Yesssssss!!! It isn't very big either - only about 4" across and 5" tall. See my little chick? Hah.... It is painted and glitter sprinkled to look almost like a snow crown. It has roses.....squeeeeeeeeal(!)......and feathers and pearls and rhinestones and tissue paper garland and tulle netting in which the little pink chick rests........oh it's so froufrou-y!

Oh, and if anyone would like to buy it, get in contact with me through my Profile Page here on the blog. My email is listed there. I just try to make it a teensy bit harder for the spammers, chickadees! *Wink*.......... Ooooooh, and nuuuuuuuu, you can't wear it around the house; it's only for show on your shelves. Hah!!

Now on to other things on this glorious saturday morning, my sweet cherubs.

Some sweet ephemera valentines I received recently. It truly does remind me of when I was a child. These were the kind of valentines we sent and received. Aren't they quite adorable?


My latest shabby romantic little cottage birdhouse. Ain't she cute?

First of all, let me show you one of my favorite prints by artist, Chuck DeHaan. I think I've shown it before but didn't get a good photo of it because of where it was hanging and I was too lazy to take it down. Well, since we've repainted the walls pink I haven't put it back up yet so I got a pretty good shot of it today in my living room entry.

Most people express surprise because it's more western art than shabby romantic roses cottage but when I see or buy art it has to speak to my heart. Yes, this spoke to my heart when I found it in a little antique shop in Niles area of Fremont, Calif. when we lived there.

I see the Indian looking lovingly and reverently down at the little blue bird in the bottom right corner. It simply tugged at my heart and it has found its place in my home. And I love snow scenes! I hope you enlarge the photo to see it best.


Why is it that everyone on the road has to be first? They'll whiz by me and I'll see them at the stop light. I call it "hurry up and wait" because that driver has wasted more gas but didn't save one second of time since we're both sitting there waiting for it to change. I try to never hurry while driving. I just let all the nuts and zanies in front of me. That way they won't rear end me. Works for me.

I heard the other day a famous actor comment on how he and his wife have been married for 30 years and are still together because they don't speak the same language. Literally don't speak the same language. He only speaks english and she only speaks french. I guess they sort of understand each other. How sad. First that he didn't learn her language and second that she didn't learn his language. Sounds prideful to me, not to mention rude and not at all like it should be.

Love Bunny and I have lasted for almost 48 years because we DO speak the same language: love for each other. A novel approach perhaps or a truly humble couple??? Hmmmm........

There is definitely such a thing as an emergency run to the donut shop or to Michaels or Joanns. Trust me on this one.......please!

Nagging never seems to work very well for me. I think I should give it up and just deal with hubby doing it on his time frame and save myself the stress of nagging. It doesn't accomplish anything. And if after 40 years you see no progress then maybe it doesn't work like they told me it would. Ahhhhhhhhh, I feel less stressful already........

My friend called me the other day with this opening line: Wicked witch, how may I torture you. A very novel line I thought. But then she knows me quite well and knew I'd probably need a laugh about that time of day. Plus she needs me; I'm helping to raise her teenagers with my words of wisdom........well, I think they are since my kids are 45 and 46 and doing quite well!!

I saw a couple waiting at the doctor's office the other day with a baby in a camouflaged baby carrier. Now, can anyone tell me why a teensy baby would need to be in a camouflaged carrier?! I doubt there were any deer or moose lurking at the medical center. But ya never know, right?!

A person once accused me (lightheartedly) of flattery. I told her I never ever flatter; I only speak truth. If someone is pretty I let them know. I always tell children how gorgeous they are because THEY ARE. (Kid in my house ripping it apart while mum sits idly by is the exception. They are never invited back. That's a firm rule in my home.) But it almost suggests I'm lying. Now, why in the world would I lie by saying you're lovely, gorgeous, pretty or beautiful. I get nothing out of letting someone know they look better than me. Nooooo, I don't flatter, I speak truth when that person is beautiful, lovely, pretty or gorgeous.

The concept of growing old has never really taken hold with me. Just ask anyone who knows me or chats with me on the phone and hasn't ever met me in person. I'm a 20 year old at heart.......okay, maybe 25, but that's the absolute oldest I'll go! I am the poster chick for "I'm never gonna grow old"!

I think a study should be done on the effect of testosterone in the presence of power tools.

Love Bunny and I were chatting one morning and I asked him if he thought there would be food in heaven. He thought not, but wasn't sure. If there is no chocolate, truffles, oriental chicken salad, fish, shrimp, beans and coleslaw, cornbread, french bread with butter or Pepsi, then I'm not sure I'd wanna go.

Last sunday in Relief Society at church they were doing a "good news" moment. Everyone who has good news just shouts it out. I thought of raising my hand and saying, "I think my anti-wrinkle cream is working finally" but thought better of it. They'd probably throw me out because of either my levity or I'm starting to look pretty darn good, chicks. Hah.........

Now, if you want to see how truly blessed you are in this life, watch this video below. But you'd better have some tissues ready. This man is astounding and shows the true humility of man and the power of God. He is a blessing to be here on this earth and I praise his loving parents for not aborting him. He has a zest for life I don't see in many people! I, also, love life and never ask "why me?" or "if only" or "what if", I go on and make my happiness the best way I know how. I lead a charmed and blessed life.

Contemporary Bedroom

The master bedroom cantilevers over the first floor, making it both isolated and open to the world outside. The recycled timber beams, natural light and expansiveness of the space make it a perfect retreat for the inhabitant of this residence.

The guest room uses colorful bedspreads and complementary artwork to set the tone. The chocolate brown shag rug and curtains match the floors, accessories and bed headboard. Photograph by Geoffrey Hodgdon.

The study/guest bedroom was sparsely furnished with a trundle daybed that sleeps two when extended. It's covered in custom canvas covers and bolsters.

From the custom white waffle-weave draperies that are banded with dark green corduroy to the tapestry and satin pillows resting on a woven coverlet, textural contrast can be seen throughout this bedroom. A yellow glass lamp gives the space a bit of panache to a crisp and fresh guest room designed for a turnkey vacation home.

Cocktails, anyone? Who wouldn't want to relax in this sophisticated island oasis? Natural woven shades soften afternoon sunlight and provide necessary privacy because this bedroom faces a golf course. The faux-finished accent wall, conceived and painted by the designer, complements custom sea-foam green bedding featuring durable, contract-quality fabrics.

The custom bed headboard with the side floating nightstands has pendant lights above each nightstand. A white shag rug defines the area under the bed and provides a contrast to the dark wood floors. Commanding views of the city from the balcony beyond and southwestern light pouring in make for a dramatic setting.

Clean lines and geometrics create the perfect backdrop for a fantastic city view in this master bedroom.

The combination of a sleek-lined chair and collection of glass vases with ethnic masks and puppets over the bed makes a worldly contemporary statement in this bedroom.

A custom TV armoire was designed and built to match the sleek furniture in this bedroom. Pocket doors allow unobstructed viewing of the television.

Used as a guest bedroom, this space overlooks the pool and expansive view of the San Bernardino Mountains. The floors and architect-designed furniture are made of sustainably harvested vertical grain Douglas fir. Clean lines, warm hues and natural light make this a serene and inviting space.

Eclectic Bedrooms

This sophisticated master bedroom was created by infusing natural textures, such as a grass cloth wall covering, with elegant and soothing color tones in the fabrics of the custom bedding and draperies. The homeowner desired a comfortable and softly contemporary place to relax and unwind.

The view in this master bedroom looks north on the Big Sur coast. The exaggerated Berber rug adds texture and a swath of color to the stained concrete floor.

Sleeping in a blue room creates a calming feeling helping one to relax. Inexpensive white molding is added to the wall to for a sophisticated framing detail. Organic white bed linens are spiced up with splashes of color from throw and pillows.

A pair of platform beds feature tall Douglas-fir headboards that play off the angles of the room, adding warmth and texture. All furnishings designed by Steven Miller Design Studio. Photograph by Matthew Millman.

An eclectic mix of spicy colors adds an exotic flair to this charming young girl's room that also doubles as a guest bedroom. Silk fabrics, a coral bedside lamp and a hand-carved painted wood armoire exude tropical ambiance and stylish fun. Photograph by Roy Quesada.

This client loved blue, chocolate and orange and needed to fit existing furniture into a pleasant design. Blue is always a good choice for a bedroom because it is calming.

This eclectic bedroom is a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. Sumptuous fabrics and a handpainted mural of clouds on the ceiling help create an inviting environment. Photo by Miki Rakicevic.

The neutral color palette is enriched by the use of red accents throughout this space, which quickly converts into sleeping quarters for the occasional guest. The use of crisp white linens completes the calm and restful look.

Design Modern Bedroom

Black and White All Over
Black and white is a popular contemporary decorating trend. This black-and-white duo is both flirty and sophisticated. Two floor-length mirrors complement the black wood-framed bed and highlight two glass chandeliers. Above the bed, three floating shelves allow for space to display photographs or other favorite accessories.

Floor-to-Ceiling Simplicity
This well-lit room with floor-to-ceiling windows is the perfect space for contemporary design. Simple bedding pops with colorful pillows in different textures. A sleek partition wall in a neutral shade keeps the bed space separate from the rest of the room.

Style Combination
This room transitions between contemporary and traditional. To make the two work together, subtle hints of traditional style sneak onto the bed with striped and floral pillows. A contemporary headboard with an upholstery pattern is nestled into the windows behind the bed.

Pillow Talk
In this room, modern elements can all be found in the bed. Oversize pillows in contrasting colors are a dramatic touch to a neutral down comforter. A tall headboard with a ledge allows for a unique way to display artwork.

Calming Retreat
Contemporary doesn't have to be bold. For a pared-down modern look like this, choose furniture pieces with simple lines and neutral colors. Unique lamps on the bedside tables provide additional modern flair.

Sleek and Fresh
Simplicity, subtle color, and clean lines help to define contemporary style in this master bedroom. While maintaining a very neutral and simple palette, two chairs in the sitting area add some personality and a dash of color. The design and visual appearance of the glass partition wall finishes the modern look.

Bold Prints
Patterns can be intimidating, but they can also work to create a bold and inviting space. Varying scales of a similar black-and-white pattern are found on the wall and bed spread, lending a wonderful backdrop for bold colored accessories.

Confident Color
This bedroom is exploding with warm colors, prints, and texture. Color and pattern were brought into the design with several pillows, contrasting rugs, and bold paint. A neutral couch sitting in front of the window allows for color to be spread beyond the bed and walls.

Understated Elegance
This room features a tone-on-tone color palette that relies heavily on brown, light blue, and pure white. By keeping the room basic, the brown leather headboard and decorative pillows are able to pop off the wall even more.

Class and Comfort
In this pleasantly unassuming master suite, beige tones are offset with rich wood and bold blue pillows, while a mahogany divider grounds the bed and partitions off the sitting room.

Asian Bedroom

Geometry is inherent in every aspect of this symmetrical master bedroom. The shapes and colors of the patchwork bedding add visual interest and are balanced by the simple horizontal lines of the headboard and the antique Burmese artifact hung above it. Photo by Ralph Alswang.

Minimalism is a key component of the Asian style. By placing a bamboo plant next to this antique rocker with a natural colored throw and pillow, the sitting area feels calm and inviting.

Five antique Chinese carvings create a dramatic headboard for the queen size bed in this room while cobalt blue tiles frame the bed as the focal point. The bed's side and end rails give balance to the height of the headboard and eliminated the need for any skirting.

A special faux wall finish, custom bedding, drapes and cornice give this master bedroom some serious Asian style.

The neutral color palette of the guest room’s bed linens and pillows contrasts with the richness of the red wall; carefully selected art and accessories create a memorable vignette.

This bedroom exemplifies how to make guests feel truly special! The green color scheme provides relaxing qualties and helps bring the outdoors in. Window treatments with simple lines enhance the view of the gardens while adding elegance.

Chinese wall hangings helped provide the color theme for this guest bedroom. The daybed was designed using two antique Chinese carvings in the head and footboard. While silk fabric allows the wall hangings to become the focal point in the room.

New Idea Bedroom

The wood bolection molding around the fireplace and the unique doors into the library area are calming elements in this master suite.

This corner in a bedroom creates a comfortable spot to rest and read in the afternoon. An interesting mix of objects and color produce a warm modern sensibility. Art was hung below the window sill to be enjoyed at eye level while seated.

Rustic faux beams in a contemporary setting enhance the ocean view. Custom painting over the double doors creates interest, while other accessories add to the comfort and easy use of the space. Photo by Gary Silk.

This teenage girl's bedroom was designed around the artwork. Influences from Europe, Asia, Africa, India and the Americas were used to give the room a "world beat." Photo by Daniel Furon.

In this master suite the main attraction is the custom bed. Its inspiration came from an iron Moroccan candle. The bed's footboard has illuminated spires. The antique rug was the catalyst for the color scheme in the entire suite.

This bedroom is serene with a neutral palette. The wild silk, hand-knotted Tibetan rug is a luxurious texture for bare feet in the morning. A modern graphic on a primitive sign adds interest to the monochromatic color scheme.

Taupe, black, white and brown rule in this master suite. The toile bedding coordinates with the paper on the accented wall. An Asian element is introduced in the rattan reading chair and accessories. Photo by Sam Gray.

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