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Home Bedroom Design

Quilts and Antiques
Cheerful red-and-green hollyhock wreaths pattern a rare set of matched quilts (c. 1860) covering the two country-style four-posters. Behind them, a wall treatment of old paneling painted Soldiers' Blue adds architectural interest and plays up the warm cherrywood of the beds and the 18th-century lowboy stationed as a nightstand between them.

White & Red Bedroom
A quilt displayed behind a bed is an unexpected burst of color in this white room. Other soft textiles such as mosquito netting add layers of interest.

Cottage-Inspired Bedroom
Inspired by her grandmother's treasure-filled cottage in the Hungarian countryside, this homeowner appointed her bedroom with antique pine, sturdy enamelware, and tick-tocky wind-up clocks. It took six months of devotion to eBay to amass this collection of landscapes, each featuring an idyllic cottage.

Relaxed Linen
Warm neutral tones create a soothing landscape for a bed dressed in relaxed white linens. A Bennison floral pillow and lace-adorned dress form add a hint of feminine character.

Country Bedroom
As an ode to country style, this homeowner tried to keep the room authentic with bold colors, regional antiques, bare floors, and simple lighting.

Tester Bed
The centerpiece of this room is a Sheraton tester bed, circa 1820, covered with a vintage wool coverlet. The bare frame is kept showing to give the bed a more masculine feel. A child-size chest of drawers functions as a bedside table.

Peaceful Bedroom
White and pale blue envelop this room in dreamlike softness. Smocked curtains recall a simple voile dress and a polka-dot table skirt flirts with nostalgia. The ambient lighting of small lamps casts a comforting glow when lit.

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