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Add Fashion to Your Room With a Table Skirt

A boring table can take on a totally new and wonderful personality with a table skirt that goes to the floor. A skirted table can go into a bedroom as a bedside table or dressing table, a living room as a side table next to a chair or sofa, or as a festive dining table.

Because the table skirt completely covers the table, a skirted table is both inexpensive and versatile.

The condition of the table you use doesn't matter at all except that it must stand straight and securely on all legs so that it doesn't tip.

  • Uses for a Skirted Table
    • Nightstand or Bedside Table
      A round, square, or rectangular table covered with a tablecloth makes a practical and inexpensive bedside table. Hide lamp cords and store books, tissue, or extra linens underneath.
    • Dining Table
      A skirted table in a dining room adds a wonderful air of luxury to the space. Keep in mind that the tablecloth might be in the way of chairs and knees. In order for the cloth to look good, set the chairs away from the table so the cloth can hang straight. For easy maintenance and daily use, place a piece of cut-to-order glass over the top.
    • Side Table in the Living Room
      Next to a chair or sofa, a skirted table adds color and mass and can fill a corner between seating furniture.
    • A Hall Table
      If you have a nice entry way, a skirted round table can be an impressive piece of furniture. Choose a beautiful bold fabric, cover the top with glass, add a vase of beautiful flowers and use the table for mail, keys, and gloves as needed.
    • Bathroom Table
      If you have an extra bit of space in a bathroom, a skirted table can provide storage space and hide towels, shampoo, and other bath necessities.
  • Sizes for a Skirted Table
    • Choose a small plant stand for a skirted table next to a small chair.
    • A small kitchen table can be covered as a dramatic piece in an entry hall.
    • An old desk base can be covered to serve as a dressing table.
    • The standard height for a table is about 29" from the floor. Determine the height by the piece of furniture near where it will be placed. A bedside table should be about as high as the mattress of the bed. A side table should be about as high as the arm of the chair or sofa.
  • Choose a Base Either Old or New
    • Pick up an old piece at a yard sale or flea market.
    • Bring a piece of patio furniture into the house.
    • A concrete or iron base with a plywood top cut to size is perfect.
    • Make a table yourself to get the perfect size. You can buy a base and table round in almost any home center or lumber yard.
    • Purchase a Ready To Cover table kit in just the right size for your skirted table.
    • For a square or rectangular table, cut the top from a piece of inexpensive 3/4" plywood. Screw legs into the bottom on all four corners.

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