Canopy Bed

Swing-arm rods mounted above the bed make this campaign-style canopy a snap to construct in just a day with basic sewing skills. Coordinating fabrics offer subtle variations on a jazzy striped theme. Swing-arm rods have a pivot that fastens to the wall, allowing the rod to swing out from the wall. Here, one swing rod is mounted at each end of a stationary back rod. Use the top of a window or door to determine a pleasing height for mounting the hardware.

What You Need:
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron
  • Two complementary fabrics (use sheeting if you want to coordinate the canopy with your bedding ensemble)
  • A standard drapery rod and a pair of matching swing-arm rods

1. Cut the panels.

For the side panels, measure the length of the swing rod and the distance from the rod to the floor, adding several inches to each measurement to allow for seams, gathers, and a hem. Cut two pieces from each complementary fabric, using the side-panel measurement. For the two back panels, measure half the back rod's length by the distance from the rod to the floor, again allowing for seams, gathers, and a hem. Cut two pieces from each complementary fabric using the back-panel measurement. For each panel, lay both lengths of complementary fabric with edges even and right sides facing; pin.

2. Make the ties.

Cut 24 ties, each measuring 2 x 10 inches. Fold the ties in half lengthwise, right sides together. Using 1/2-inch seams, stitch across one short end and down the lengthwise raw edge. Turn the ties and press. Pair off the ties, aligning the raw edges; baste 1/2 inch from raw edge. Each fabric panel gets three tie pairs. Along each panel's top edge, insert tie pairs between the two pieces of fabric so that each tie's raw edge aligns with the fabric's raw edge. The ties should be evenly spaced, with the outer ties 1/2 inch from the outer edges of the panel.

3. Sew the panels.

Stitch all four sides using 1/2-inch seams and leaving several inches open at the bottom for turning. Clip seams diagonally across the corners to make turning easier. Turn fabric. Press. Slip-stitch opening closed. Tie a panel to each swing rod and two to the back rod.

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