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Creating Ballerina Matchbox

I have wanted to do one of these little match box creations for a looooong time, but just finally emptied a match box! We don't use matches very much I suppose. But I finally did. I covered it with paper and then rhinestones, a ballerina, pink and white twine, pink and white tissue garland and paper roses for this little darling creation. I don't know if I'll sell it or keep it or what. It would make a cute decoration in my granddaughter's house but she's not into these kinds of decorations but she might like it since I made it.

Inside is crinkled paper, a little chick and more roses just because I wanted to!! Hah. I can do whatever I want since it's mine, right?!?!?! Enlarge to get a better idea of what it looks like, chicks.

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