Traditional Bedroom

Milady full size italian bed
Traditional full size bed. Italian bedroom set in walnut color

Milady Traditional Italian Lacquer Bed
Italian lacquer bed in walnut color

Borocco Classic Italian bed
There are a lot of modern beds available in the market but the question is which one to chose? Now here your search has come to an end, Borocco Classic Italian Bed is the perfect bed to choose in this dilemma. Whether you are looking to replace your existing bed or looking for a complete make- over your bedroom, this modern Italian design contemporary bed is perfect for the occasion.

This traditional Italian bed with white leather headboard is available in off white color and also the genuine leather inserts with onyx ornaments on headboard and footboard, which means that this modern contemporary bed can blend into any existing set that you have in your bedroom.

This modern contemporary bedroom furniture has a high gloss finish and also requires box spring for a stronger hold on the mattress. As it is made in Italy each part of the bed is efficiently furnished and this modern Italian design bed definitely brings a sting of jealousy in others, no matter to whom you show off!

Bella italian lacquer bed in piuma white color
Traditional italian bed in white color

Milady Traditional Bed with white leather headboard
Traditional italian bed with white leather headboard

Serena Leather
Traditional italian bedroom set with leather headboard in walnut with a high gloss finish

Claudia Mhg / Claudia Wlnt
Traditional italian bedroom set in mahogany color

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