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Use a New Slipcover to Transform and Refresh Your Furniture

If you need a quick and easy makeover for a room or need to freshen up drab furniture, you might want to consider slipcovers! A slipcover can really transform a dreary piece of tired furniture to look fresh and new.

Many homeowners turn their noses up at slipcovers at first mention. But after getting an over-the-top bid on having a piece of furniture reupholstered, a slipcover becomes a very reasonable alternative.

In addition to being a budget-conscious way to freshen up a piece of upholstered furniture, a slipcover can hide unattractive upholstery, add a dash of color to a room, introduce a new style, or perform a seasonal makeover by adding a holiday mood to a room.

With so many choices on the market, you can find slipcovers in colorful washable cotton, durable denim or faux suede, elegant velvet, snuggly chenille, faux leather, and many more.

Here are some tips on using slipcovers in your home...

  • Coordinate a roomful of mismatched furniture by slipcovering everything in matching or coordinating covers.
  • Experiment with a new style by covering furniture in white slipcovers. If the original upholstery color shows through, try putting a white sheet over the furniture to camouflage the fabric underneath.
  • For extra seating in the dining room, add some style and color to plain folding chairs with slipcovers that match your dining room chairs. It will be much less expensive than buying lots of new chairs.
  • Slipcovers instantly make over hand-me-down furniture. If you have inherited your parent's old sofa but just can't live with the 70's plaid Herculon fabric, cover it with a slipcover in any color you choose. It will be instantly up to date.
  • Cover an ugly recliner, update a wing chair, and freshen up an ottoman. You're not limited to basic shapes and sizes any more.
  • To hold a slipcover in place and keep the fabric from shifting, secure the fabric with a tucking tool. It will help you push the fabric into hard-to-reach corners.
  • If you're having a party or celebrating a holiday or special occasion, decorate your dining room with festive chair slipcovers. Not only will the room look festive, you'll be saving wear and tear on your regular upholstery.
  • Slipcovers are great for protecting delicate or expensive new upholstery from kids, pets, or careless house guests.
  • Add warmth to a rental space, an apartment or other temporary quarters with bright colorful slipcovers.
  • Consider your personal style before selecting a slipcover. You can choose styles with ruffled skirts and gathered arms or simpler, contemporary styles with a straight skirts and tab tie closures.
  • To keep your slipcover wrinkle-free, stretch it over your furniture while still warm from the dryer.

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