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Candice Olson Fabric for Kravet

Candice Olson is everywhere nowadays. First she did furniture , then rugs, then lamps and now fabric for Kravet.

We love the Candice Olson show on HGTV. The problem with too much licensing, though, is that you kinda lose that originality that got people to like you in the first place. Remember Pierre Cardin or Halston, anyone? Also a great designer does not neccesarily makes the best product maker. There are many factors involved, such as manufacturing, distribution and other business issues that can impact how the products actually turn out.

So we have to say, we're not that impressed with the fabric collection from her. It's okay... It's kinda ordinary, actually. Most of the stuff we've seen before and it's like, heh...

We thought we show you some of the more interesting ones:

Most of the patterns retail for $119/yard (you can get it for less at the upholstery fabric store on our site). To see the rest of the collection, click here.

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