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Chic Furniture from Noir

Being in the decorating business for a long time, we watch many manufacturers come and go. Sometimes it's heartbreaking, especially when a company has been in business for years and years. On the other hand, we also see some companies started out really small, and with sweat and tears and ingenuity, they grow it into something special.

Noir Trading is kinda like that. We first know them as a custom furniture maker. George, who came from Germany, makes the most amazing custom cabinets and furniture around. Then he started Noir Trading a few years ago. At first it wasn't that interesting, to be honest. Just the typical dark wood furniture and Budha--boring Asian import crap, basically. However, in the recent years their quality and style has gone up several quotients. If you like Oly Studio and think it's too expensive (which it is), this might be great alternative.

Here are some great pieces that we just love:

To see more of Noir products, visit the web site here. If you need help with pricing, drop us a line.

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