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Marvelous Mirrors from Made Goods

Certain things in life you'd think would be easy to find, but they are not. Do you find it so? Say the perfect black dress, for example. With so many black dresses out there you'd think it's easy to find the perfect one, right? But nooo...

We find mirrors to be like that too. Most mirrors out there are so gaudy, so UNinteresting, that we get bored just looking at them. This is why we were so excited to see this new line from Made Goods at the New York Gift Show this week. The line is FABULOUS!!

Take a look:

We don't have the pricing information for this line yet but we promise to post it as soon as we do. In the mean time, if you want to see the rest of the line, check out Made Goods web site. If you need help in purchasing it, drop us a line (the company only sells to wholesale).

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