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Moroccan Decor from Zodax

We love to travel. Well, that's like saying you like to walk on the beach, isn't it? Who doesn't like to travel? It's one of those things that just open you up to all kind of possibilities.

One of the places we've been dreaming about is Morocco. It seems so exotic, doesn't it? Morrocan style decorating is big too. If it is done well, it's a wonderful look.

Here are some Morroco-inpsired home accessories from Zodax. They need some colors mixed in (deep jewel-tone, preferably). We'll follow up with a post on that later...

This line is really inexpensive. The web site is Zodax.com, but it is to the trade only and is password-protected, sorry. Drop us a line if you need help though..

PS If you are interested, here is a travel article on Morocco from the NY Times.

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