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Pretty Cottage Furniture from Somerset Bay

When we get stressed out with our daily life, either from running our business, managing our finances or just dealing with life in general, our mind always wander off in some far away places--where life is a bit simpler and you can just sit on a porch sipping lemonade or something.

In our fantasy today, we're at a little cottage somewhere in the South, by the lake. And in our cottage, there are some really pretty furniture, of course. We're tired of the shabby chic look though. That is so 80's. Now the updated cottage style is just as soft and pretty and colorful...

Take a look at the furniture from Somerset Bay and you'll see what we meant:

All of the furniture can be custom-finished in delicious-sounding colors like creme brulee, carmel chew, butterscotch, roasted marshmellow..

To see the complete product line, visit Somerset Bay web site.

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