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Well-Made Dining Chairs from Jessica Charles

We were shopping for some dining chairs for a client the other day and we were surprised to see how much shoddy stuff is out there. Really. If you can pick an upholstered chair up with one hand it usually means it's not that well-made. In our experience, with most upholstered furniture, the more substantial it feels the better it is made. Solid furniture is made with solid wood, well-padded seat and sturdy construction.

So with that in mind, we recommend that if you are looking for high-quality dining chairs, take a look at Jessica Charles. It's a small division of Hancock & Moore, a very prestigious furniture maker in North Carolina. The style of Jessica Charles slants toward the more classic side, although they have introduced more modern designs of late.

Here are some samples:

The chairs are not cheap. They run about $650-800 per chair, but we think they are worth it.

To see the entire collection, visit Jessica Charles web site.

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