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Interior Wall Color

Which comes first: the wall art or the wall? When selecting wall art, we have several options, including paintings, grilles, mirrors, shelves, and so on. Of course, the choices we make regarding these items are important. Some of the most important selections involve the type of wall art, its size, the arrangement we will use, and the wall art's color. Speaking of color, before selecting the wall art, here are some tips to help select the best paint color for the room:


1. Carry textile samples with you
Remember that the paint color should complement the colors of other items in the room. It probably is not feasible to haul your furniture to paint stores. However, make sure to bring various textile samples with you, including pieces of wallpaper, curtain, tile, etc. That will make it easier to match them up with the paint. You never know when you will spot a color that could be THE color!


2. Select trim that complements the wall color
It is generally advisable to select a white, off-white or pale color for various types of trim in the room, including:

- doors
- moldings
- doors

To make an even bolder statement, use light hues for the walls, and darker hues for the trim. This combination will match up well with art wall decor.


3. Choose the color after you have decided on other decor
While painting a room is often the first step in decorating a room, never rush into doing that. Make sure to do enough planning first, to ensure that the paint will complement other items in the room, including the furniture, carpeting or throw rugs, drapes, wall art, etc. Yes, changing a wall color is easy and you have several hues from which to choose. Still, remember that the paint is only ONE piece of the big picture.


4. Choose the ideal paint finish for the walls
To reflect more light from the walls, use a finish that is shinier. On the other hand, use flat or matte finishes in order to hide flaws on the wall.

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