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Pink and White Christmas Tree

A friend of mine is doing a series of photos of Victorian Christmas' through this whole month. It is "eye candy" for sure. So won't you please go visit her at Aunt May's Cottage.

Just a quick note also. I try to keep my posting at about every 2 days, but I truly could post every day. There is just so much I can talk about but I do not want to bore or overwhelm everyone. So for a little while there will be a post every day. It is the Christmas season, and I'm busily making things for my pink tree, which may be this year instead of next. I'm trying to share my ideas with you so you can make things also. Merry Christmas!

I plan on having a pink and white/silver tree by next Christmas at the latest. My eBay group has accepted a challenge posed by one member of the group to try and have it done by next year so that we will have all that time to make things for our trees. Now, nothing was said about all of them having to be made so I bought these to put on the tree. I want you to know that I took this picture out in a very cold and very windy backyard. Brrrrr... I think my favorite is the pink polka dot ones. Are they not adorable?!


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