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Fluff and Stuff and Some Randon Thoughts for Pink Saturday

This is what I've been wearing during the cold weather.

These are what I ordered last week and received today! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!!! Darling.

Those of you who have followed me for any length of time have sent me comments on my Tutorial on Blogging after viewing it. Thank you for all the comments! But recently a question was asked on how to do a watermark. So after showing this blogger how to do it, she was amazed she didn't have to buy expensive software. After giving it about a minute of thought, I decided to share with all of you how to do a watermark on your photos. That is now included in the tutorial on the right hand side bar. Check it out and let me know if you need any help or if you have a particular issue with which you might need help. I'd be glad to help you.

During the month of December I believe I posted every single day, which is a shift from my regular posting of trying to keep it to every other day. So beginning with January I'll shift back to every other day again. I truly could post every single day but I simply don't want to bore you any more than necessary. I blog for me. To keep busy and not become stale. I like to write and learn and hone my photography skills, which is NOT easy. If it draws you here to visit, so much the better. It's fun doing what I absolutely love more than anything.

Happy pink saturday. Be sure and visit Beverly at HowSweetTheSound to view all the pink participants.

One of my mottos is "fluff and stuff", which I did here. Stuff the photo with the imagery and then fluff with roses. Just practicing my photography skills, gals.

See how lovely a simple pink and purple platter of pink pine cones can be when paper roses are thrown in.

Then I finished froufrou-ing the pine cones. Such sparklies on it! Is sparklies a word? Hmmmmm...

When I compliment people on something they usually just try to ignore it, but the polite thing is to simply say "thank you" and let it go and not make excuses for whatever it is you're being complimented on. I always do that because if they've taken the time to give me a compliment, then I should be gracious enough to acknowledge it.

Several weeks ago hubs was helping me make the bed, and he got a bit confused on how a certain pillow should go on the bed.

He: Which way is up on this pillow?

She: Look at the bow.

He: Yeah, so?

She: Do the ends flop over the bow? Then you have it upside down.

He: Oh.

Hubby had on his USMC hat when we stopped for a quick lunch a few weeks ago and as a patron was getting up to leave the sweet middle-aged man (heaven forbid a young person should acknowledge the hat) said "Thank you for your service." Hubs is a trifle hearing-challenged since he will rarely wear his hearing aids. (This occurred when he was a D.I. in the Marines and taught the men how to shoot rifles and frequently did not wear his sound suppressors. Now, think about the iPods in ears today. Those young people will lose their hearing in their 40s or 50s, if not sooner, and will be preaching the same thing to their kids: turn it down or lose your hearing. Sad, but true.) It was a quick exchange as the man and his wife scurried quickly out to run over to Toys R Us and hubby didn't hear him. I told him quickly but the man was gone before he could acknowledge him. That man will never know how much it touched our hearts but it definitely did.

I've been wondering if God's pot roast is better than mine. How about his side dishes? And even his place settings? Gives one pause, doesn't it?

I don't know about you but as I age and technology advances I have problems. For instance, I never, ever used to worry about the numbers and letters on my phone rubbing off after a couple of years of use. Now, on the new touch pad phones I can't find some of my numbers! I have 7 phones in this house and all have numbered touch pads for dialing. I have to count down from the top sometimes to find the one I want to dial. Can't they "seal" them with something to prevent this occurrence? Plus my makeup globs up on the key pads!

I do NOT want to be in front of, beside or behind a driver whose license plate reads "Roadhog"; I want him well away from me.

In my quest to change the way people talk—I mean grammatically—I've always wondered about people saying "If I were you" or some such statement. "I were" isn't exactly correct so I've been trying to find out why we say it that way—plural verb with a single pronoun. Here's what I've come up with:
In English grammar, when a statement is in obvious contradiction to reality, the subjunctive mood requires a plural verb after a singular noun or pronoun in conditional clauses beginning with if, but also in subordinate clauses following verbs like wish.

I hear college graduates saying things like this: "Me and him were talking the other day". (This was said in church the other day by a recent law school graduate. I'd hate to hear that person in court.) Did their English teachers not teach them?! It truly astounds me. I cannot believe the degeneracy of the population and English language. This is more common today than not.

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