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Hollywood Regency Mirrors

A while back we saw these mirrors at the Las Vegas home show and we thought they were really cool.  They are a group of individual mirrors hung together.  By themselves they are not that unique, but as a group, well, as a group they just POP!

Take this group of mirrors, for example. 

It actually consists of 12 of these:

These are 12 x12 and runs about $150 each. 

Here  is another one:

These are actually four of these:

These are 32 x 32 and costs about $360 each.

Our favorite is this one:

Which actually consists of this one, which costs about $280

and this one, which costs about $150 or so

As you can see, these can be made as into any size that you want. We like them big--the bigger the better.  The impact is more dramatic that way.

The mirrors are made of lacquer and take about 4-6 weeks. You can find them in our decorative mirror section.

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