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Colorful Tips for India Home Decor

Indian home decors add both rich tradition and allure to any rooms in a home. It has been a theme for British homes for quite some time and is beginning to reach the international stage. The superbly decorative nature of this style will add to the affluent feel.

Hinduism has been the predominant religion for the Indian sub-continent. Sun worship is a main part of this ancient religion and the decors naturally reflects this. The color of the sun is presented through doors, window curtains or blinds, walls and ceilings, and fabric patterns. Circular symbols with lines radiating outward to represent the sun�s glare are common in Indian Home Decors.

How you apply this look to your home is quite simple. Cushy furniture and fabrics can adorn the living room to create an abstract look with a modern twist. The use of light and perhaps airy shades of lemon can serve as the accent color. Carved wooden decorations are also used as traditional ornaments throughout the home.

Furniture made of lacquered are also very popular in India since the resins emanates an elegant look at feel. The materials used in these furniture ranges from Indian oak, nut, or pink wood due to the sturdy aspect. A former saddle or cart might be used as a coffee desk or an elegantly carved door may be used as a top to the dining room table, such is the whimsical nature of Indian style. Not only does this give a real opportunity to add great character to a room when recreating the look, it could also save a lot of money as you may already own old items that could be reused. Other items of furniture to look out for are delicately carved and encrusted cabinets used to store bed linen called damchis and maharajas style wardrobes made of Indian oak with fortress gate style doors.

Silk is a very popular product from India and are used widely as clothing and/or window dressings. Colors ranges are wide but a few that stands out are turquoise, raspberry, light orange, light yellow, or burnt orange. By simply adding these, you will create a marvelous Indian d�cor to any room or home.





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