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Organizational Overload

It’s January, which means that all the lifestyle and home magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping will be featuring organizational articles.  There are some wonderful posts out there in blogland as well showing how to do it!

I’m not going to create another post on how to organize, but I do want to direct you to some pretty great sites and blogs that have already done the work, plus some retail outlets where you can find some great products!

Let’s start with the magazines…

Better Homes and Gardens never misses a chance to help us improve our homes.   HERE is a great slideshow from BH&G that shows you how to have fantastic spaces that are organized and have that wow-factor.

selke mudroom: wine and napkins

BH&G even shows how to crate your wine bottles in drawers!  Nice!

selke mudroom-- cabinet

I’d love a mud-room like this!

Good Housekeeping has a quick organizational plan called “The Five Minutes or Five Things Plan” here.



Quick pick-ups for every part of your home.



Woman’s Day has a feature here on gadgets that will help to keep you organized like this handy keyboard organizer.



Oprah (whom I love), has a wonderful feature on her website entitled “Clean Your Messy House in 6 Months”.  That is definitely more my speed and a more realistic time frame to clean my garage.  Go here  for the goods.

And finally…


HGTV  has a wonderful article on keeping your house cleaning under control.  It separates the cleaning out in daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and annual jobs.  Very handy.

Now onto some bloggers who have posted some pretty fabulous posts on organizing.


Over at Architect Design, a beautiful storage cabinet is featured here. 


Laura, over at Decor to Adore, posted one artist’s very unusual way to handle the clutter.  Hilarious!  


Janet, over at Jans Gems posted a few lovely pictures showing very organized rooms.  Keep up the organizing Janet!


Erin over at Perfect Sentiment has featured some lovely mudrooms.  If I had a mudroom, I would definitely use some of the inspiration from these photos to design it.

And if you want to really get serious and buy some new furniture to help you organize, here are some companies to get you started…


ORG Home Organization Solutions is a wonderful place to shop if you want to solutions for your media equipment, closets and pantries.


Their products look high end and they offer many solutions for organization.


Closet Factory  offers three different levels of customizations.  The Essentials Series, The Design Series and the Collection Series.

And there are the smaller products that help us organize…

Reversible Organizer Fabric Bin...........Lime Green - Cream Elephants

Karen from Baffinbags on Etsy has the cutest handmade reversible storage totes.  She uses very current fabric!

Bicycle Key Rack

I love this bicycle key rack.   Knob Creek Metal Arts has the most creative pieces imaginable.  Rush over to his Etsy site and check out his work.  Great stuff!


These very cool stackable jewelry boxes are sold by Organize.com.  I like these because you can put them in a drawer separately or stack them on a shelf in a closet.  Very convenient, clean and functional.

Organize.com also has this great glass container…


called their Portico Medium Urn Dish with Lid in case you need a stylish way to store or display candies or decorative marbles.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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