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Tabe decoration - interior design

Tabe decoration - interior design

Tabe decoration - interior design  Tabe decoration - interior design

Every year, about a million people crowd Times Square to watch the ball drop at midnight on New Year's Eve. And yes, I said a million. I looked it up. As you can imagine, that creates a bit of chaos in the city even beyond all the street closings. That's why my friends and I usually prefer to celebrate at someone's apartment for either drinks or a dinner party. If you plan on doing the same, here are a few ideas and images to help inspire you! Happy New Year! 
 Table Designed  Table Designed
When you think of New Year's celebrations, usually silver comes to mind but I think gold is a lovely alternative. It has a warmer feeling and the table designed by Carolyne Roehm above and top has a beautiful mix of colors that adds to that warmness. I found a set of gold rimmed wine and champagne glasses at Housing Works last year that would be perfect for this type of table.
Interior Decoration  Interior Decoration  

Martha Stewart decorated this mantle with a collection of clocks to remind everyone of the passing of time. If you don't have enough to display this year, you can always plan for next year!
I feel in love with this image last year when I saw it on Style Court. What a beautiful way to greet your guests for the evening.
Champagne Glasses  Champagne Glasses

And don't fret if you don't have a set of matching champagne glasses. As you can see here, a tray full of mismatched glasses can be just a beautiful as a perfectly matched set.Modern Living room Interior Design

interior design ideas   interior design ideas
Living room Design - black and white
This chic table belongs to one of the designers who works for Sarah Richardson and was seen in Canadian House & Home. The silver setting and pale blue chairs whisper winter and couldn't be more beautiful.
darker tabledarker table 
For those who prefer darker colors, this table from Ralph Lauren Homemixes gold, silver and black that would be perfect for a more masculine setting.
smaller tables smaller tables 
Furniture Collection

This table also doesn't worry about matching china or flatware and as you can see, there are actually two tables. A few smaller tables sometimes with less people make for a better party than one big long table. For fun, you can have people change seats between courses.
There is a simple elegance to this table setting that I absolutely love! It would also be perfect for a New Year's Day breakfast!
I think this table was intended for Christmas but would also work for New Year's Eve. If you are hosting a celebration, you can definitely leave up your Christmas tree but I would change out some of the other decorations around the house to reflect the party theme.Modern Interior

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