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Technical Difficulties and Silver Screen

Hi everyone!

Please bear with me while I am trying to fix my crashed laptop! I'll be back soon with a new post. In the meantime, enjoy these silver screen apartments, which I found on pointclickhome.com.

Mel Gibson's apartment in "What Women Want". It was such a cosmopolitan apartment and I especially loved the use of his furniture and architecture when he did his little dance.

Apartment from "The Devil Loves Prada". Meryl Streep's character has all the best...clothing (of course), furniture and home.

In "Sex and the City", Jessica Parker walks into dream apartment, complete with incredible architectural details. I'm just sorry that they didn't end up in the this incredible space. Maybe in "SITC 2"?

In "Down With Love", Renee Zellwegger's apartment is so fun, it's crazy. Bright colors, circular couch and firepit in the middle of it all.

In "Ghost" Demi Moore's loft apartment is incredible. Who gets to be this lucky? Although the furnishings aren't grand, the space is so fun, including the open staircase (not shown here).

I am hoping that I'll be back up and running on my usual platform that is so much easier to use.
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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