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Exotic wooden house design – Gypsy House

This unique hillside house design is clad in natural-finish wood – a perfect complement to its natural surroundings, with expansive windows to brighten interiors and large windows in every room give this natural house design lush, green views. The modern Hillside house designed by Architect Craig Steely, located in Berkeley California sits on a steep slope in the hills. Gypsy House built using natural elements its clad in natural finish wood looking so cool and contemporary. Divided into two zones – one part of the home buried into the hillside, and the other a glass-enclosed zone cantilevered toward the valley. The kitchen was made using warm wood with lots of windows combination allows of natural light on every surface. A wood and glass staircase seems to float up to the second storey, where a ceiling of skylights creates the effect of an endless sky above

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