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Luxury beach house designs architecture by Pete Bossley

Beach homes are typically designed with the main floor raised off the ground and make for great waterfront properties. Beach house floor plans typically incorporate wide wraparound porches or spacious sun decks to bring living spaces out-of-doors. Living room/family room furniture should also be sturdy and create a welcoming retreat for the family after a day outdoors. Using slipcovers for upholstered pieces is a great way to keep the sofa and chairs looking new in spite of continual wear.
This house with stunning views is located right near to Tatapouri Point in New Zealand. T-shaped plan with two wings characterize it. With such plan the house is very comfortable for the whole family living there. It also protects outdoor area from ocean winds without losing in openness and transparency. The outdoor area is not only interesting because it’s protected but also by its design.

The beach house decorating ideas is designed by Pete Bossley

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