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Modern home sauna design from Spas Wellness

A sauna is the perfect place to relax and forget about the worries brought on by an Accident at Work. The Thermae is a thermal cabin which combines light, color, steam, aromas, heat, mud and music to create an unparalleled experience of an exclusive spa – all in your home. Extensive treatments are available: steam bath, thermal mud, Roman bath, and a perfumed emotional shower, just to name a few! Meant to be enjoyed by yourself, or with a friend or two, the opportunity to totally unwind in the sauna is not to be missed. Today there are a wide variety of sauna options. Heat sources include wood, electricity, gas and other more unconventional methods such as solar power. You can have a sauna in your home or apartment, in your backyard, on your rooftop, or even in a vehicle or on a pontoon boat. The Thermae home sauna from Spas Wellness site.

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