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The Ojeni Apartment interior designs by Autoban

Decorate using basic interior design principles and ideas to create a personalized living environment. The Turkish design studio Autoban have sent us photos of a recently completed apartment interior they have refurbished and filled with their own furniture designs. This apartment designs interior is great. Truli perfect apartment design decorating ideas with comfortable end elegant design.

Project description from Autoban: Lying between one of the chiquest streets in Beyolu and the lively heart of T√ľnel, the Ojeni flats boast stunning views over the whole of historic Istanbul and the Bosphorus. Completely restored and renovated, the flats are designed to suit the busy lifestyle of its residents, with compact features such as kitchens which fold away to present a more clean-cut living space. Oak flooring gives a feeling of warmth, whilst the black-painted bathrooms bring across a sleeker, more modern look. The flats are also furnished with some of Autoban’s newest designs including the luxurious Deco Sofa, the perfect lounging point before hitting the town…

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