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White modern apartment interior design ideas by Nature

Living Pod, an apartment unit designed by Joey Ho Design is inspired by nature and incorporates its leafy surroundings into living spaces. Curved shapes are a backbone of the design. A streamlined wall feature horizontally and vertically wraps around the living space, protruding from the walls, creating large floor-to-ceiling curves that alter the shape of the space. In the living room two curving sofa chairs dominate the view.

There are styles of interior design that maximize space and create the impression that a room is larger than it actually is, which is a perfect answer for apartment living. This is where modern design enters the picture. Modern design is a catch all term that incorporates several subsets of design, but there are some common themes across the styles, including:

  • Neutral colors (or primarily neutral colors, sometimes accented with a single bold color)
  • Metals, like stainless steel and chrome
  • Natural fabrics
  • The use of lighting to create space
  • Glass
  • An absence of clutter or excessive accessorizing

[Joey Ho Design]

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