Around the House for Pink Saturday 5/1/2010

Happy pink saturday and welcome to my blog. If you visit with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, you're sure to see lots of lovely pink blogs. I forgot to make note of the ones I visited last week.

I just thought I'd post some pix of things around the house today. I'm so busy doing other things that I pre-schedule these posts for days like this. You can hate me for this, not because I'm beautiful and/or smart. ;-)

Chandelier beads.

I've been thinking of making some different chair covers in white. I'll probably sell these if I do. Anyone interested? Contact me. Four chair covers for a ridiculously low price! Isn't that bouquet of flowers lovely?

Tie back in my bedroom.

Violets remind me of my grandmother. These are the most real ones I've ever seen for being faux.

Tie back in my bathroom.

Little pot of posies on a bathroom shelf.

Gorgeous chicks inhabit this home. Hah!!! ;-)

Home grown rose.....uuuuuhhhh, I mean hand made.

Thumb tacks on one of my memory boards.

Just finished this little sweetie.

Random Thoughts:

I recent was surfing the blogs and came upon one where a woman was so excited about receiving her new cookware. How any woman can be stoked about cookware is beyond me! That's what they have Olive Garden for in my opinion—cooking.

Without patience we cannot please God. This is hitting home with me recently. I seriously am working on it. I am!

The disintegration of rational society started in the drift from hearth and family. The solution must be a drift back. Be part of the solution.

Remember when you found out what your local popular DJ looked like? Uuuuggghhhhh!

I guess we can still embarrass our kids when we're 70 and they're 47 and 48. Our son asked his dad, Love Bunny, a while back if he was going to wear white socks with his jeans when they were going out somewhere together while he was here visiting some months back. Hubs said yes, he was. Son just looked at him as if he were 18 and dad was going to make him look like a geek simply by being with him. Son just said, "Okay." It was funny the way he raised those eyebrows. Son, not Love Bunny!

Design Lines

Design Lines, a publication of the American Institute of Building Design, interviewed Wayne Visbeen about home management centers and here's the article. For ease of reading, read it on our website.

Little Decorated Glass Jars

I just can't seem to throw out a glass jar anymore, no matter how hard I try. I keep decorating them in hopes of selling them soon but I'm so busy I can't seem to find the time to list them somewhere. But it calms me to just sit in my studio and make them. Maybe someday...

And just threw this together. A little shabby chic ragged flower with a covered button. I loved making this. I think I'll wear it on a jacket instead of a t-shirt since I'll just pin it instead of sewing it on.

National Make-A-Wish!

The playhouse that Wayne Visbeen designed for Lily's Wish made
national Make-A-Wish news!

White-Blue Teen and Girls Bedroom Interior Design and Decorating Concept

White-Blue Teen and Girls Bedroom Design and Decorating Concept

Kids Bedroom Furniture Set in Warm Martini Cherry Finish on Cherry Veneers and Selected HardwoodsKids Bedroom Furniture Set in Country Pine - South Shore Furniture - 3232-BSET-2Kids Bedroom Furniture Set - Sunday Funnies - Powell Furniture - 343-BSET-1Kids Bedroom Furniture Set - Little Treasures Collection
Look at the inspirational white and blue teen and girls room decorating with modern and contemporary designs.” Do you find the rooms fascinating and stunning? well, I think you have the same ideas with me about the rooms. The teen rooms from pbteen look so nice and cool by the right choice of color used to decorate the rooms. Besides, the furniture styles and models which can create a real harmony of the teen rooms, allowing the positive energy coming to the room interior that can create a comfort and pleasure.
White-Blue Teen and Girls Bedroom Design and Decorating Concept

White-Blue Teen and Girls Bedroom Design and Decorating Concept

White-Blue Teen and Girls Bedroom Design and Decorating Concept

Working in the Yard 4/28/10

Little eye candy for ya, chicks. This is what my dining table looks like today with all the roses I'm making. These are for sale on my etsy or my selling blog LaMaisonRose. Not expensive at all.

I had Love Bunny home today so he agreed to do some "honey-dos" for me. We bought some stone to "widen" the patio a bit. For two people it should be large enough but with all the stuff we have leftover from our old house it clearly isn't enough room out there. In our old house we had 3 huge patios so when we moved here I had to sell a lot of the wicker and wrought iron stuff. Just too much for here. But I still wanted a bigger patio here after they finished construction but hubs doesn't want to redo the sprinkling system and I can understand that. Hence, we're just adding stones and not interfering with the system.

Love Bunny walking to his shed. Not bad for almost 70 years old, huh? He certainly can light my fire!! ;-)

Could someone please tell me why men have to have shops, sheds and/or storage units for things they will never ever use again?

That bicycle hasn't been used for at least 3 years and then only a time or two but he haaaaaad to have it. It's at least 10 years old now. Sigh...

See those fishing poles up there? I cannot tell you how old they are and he hasn't used any of them for at least 18 years.

And I'm finally getting around to painting this old school desk I bought about a year ago and had stripped. Just a primer coat on top today because it's turning windy.

Small, Medium & Large: Three-in-One Interior Door Design

ThreeStyle adds a humble but critical twist to the typical contemporary door – nothing too off-the-wall in terms of its aesthetic, but novel in its approach on a more fundamental level. Simple metal handles sit on wood-paneled frames which, in turn, stack neatly within one another like nesting dolls or something out of Alice’s Wonderland. While it is not their only offering, SlamDoors Ltd.’s line of modular doors is led by this innovative new approach to a design object as old as the idea of dwelling itself.

Flying ‘Air Cruise’ Ship: Luxury Living by Land, Sea & Sky

Mobile living is no longer just for land lovers, and floating mini-cities are no longer just a vision for the open oceans or high seas – why not blend the best aspects of portable homes, cruise ships and air trips into a single stylish and sustainable airship designed to fly, float, drift or drive anywhere the wind blows?

See-Through Walls: 4 Clever Modern Sliding Door Designs

Sold-wood interior door solutions can make for great space and sound dividers, but sometimes it is nice to let some light, air and visibility between adjacent rooms rather than cut them off completely from one another. For people who prefer there art to be part of active design, this provides an integrated interior concept without having to buy artworks or learn how to build display niches in your walls.

Semi-transparent, wood-framed, sliding screen doors from Raydor are much like the classic rice-paper ones of Japan, these models come with a bit of a twist: each individual door has a design, but moving them creates layered 3D patterns out of flat 2D door frames – ever-changing compositions as they slide back and forth in front of one another. A crafty DIYer could probably even make their own variants.

Sliding doors can be sleek, simple, and space-saving divider systems if swings get in your way and decorative hinges are not quite your style. These door designs in particular are made for balancing an elegant contemporary look with a classic style of craft, transforming opaque walls into translucent moving works of modern art.

Modern Black Sliding Door Design Ideas by Rodolfo Dordoni

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