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Carrie's Bed in Sex in The City II

Did you see Sex In the City II this past weekend? We thought it wasn't as bad as the reviews said it was... Seriously, don't you think the critics take this movie a bit too literally?  After all, the movie is all about the clothes and the fantasies...

Anyway, did you like the bed in Carrie's and Big's apartment? We do. And we know exactly where to get it too.

The bed is made by Vanguard Furniture and you can see it here (it is shown as tufted but it's an optional feature.  You can get it untufted plain as shown in the movie.  The nail heads can be changed to polished nickel  as well).

The fabric, which is what made the bed, is by Kravet Couture and it's called Velvet Gate, pattern number 29868.  Shown in the movie in black/white, it is also available in other colorways. The fabric is a linen/velvet combination. Very, very pretty in person.  You'd love it.

The fabric is priced at $149/yard but you can get it for $104/yard at the Kravet fabric section on our site. Enter the pattern number "29868" (the quotation marks is recommended for precise search) and you can see all the colorways available.

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